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Great Events in History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Great Events in History - Essay Example Unlike of religious beliefs, there is no proper definition of justice in Quran and therefore my understanding is based on Muslim interpretation of justice. My view of justice is also partly open-minded since I strongly believe that no system is perfect to deal with all the complex situations the world is faced with. Men are the most decision makers when it comes to matters of Islamic justice even though we are equally affected by the outcomes of the decisions they make. I strongly believe that morality and ethics are the roots of all evil in the society and the remedy can easily be found in the spiritual traits. Life is sacred according to Islam hence should not just be taken away without proper accusation beyond any reasonable doubt. This therefore implies that life can only be taken away on the context of justice and law and not any other consideration (Abou & Cohen 71). The spirit of the Muslim penal code is to protect lives and promote justice and not the vice versa as many other people and religions have tried to paint it. Quran legislation for the death penalty in the case of murder, forgiveness, and compassion are strongly encouraged and the murder victims are given a choice to either insist on the death penalty or pardon the wrongdoer and accept compensation. The act of spreading mischief across the land on matters that are mostly related to apostasy, terrorism, piracy, rape, adultery, and homosexual behavior can also result to capital punishment according to the Muslim faith (Khadduri 102). The methods of punishment vary from place to place but the common ones in Saudi Arabia include firing squad, hanging and beheading. Executions are held in public places to act as a warning to those who may consider repeating such acts in future that their days are numbered. Vigilantism has no place in Islamic society and one must be properly convicted under the Muslim laws that require strict evidence standards before capital punishment is imposed on anybody. The ac t of homosexuality is highly prohibited according to my religion on the basis that it clashes with the natural order in which God created human beings. In the social scene, it brings destructions to the family set up since no two people of the same sex have the possibility to mate and give rise to a fertile offspring. The believers of Muslim faith should neither participate nor support such acts of gay either materially or psychologically at all time of their lives. We believe that everything has been created in pairs and such, people should benefit and develop a relationship based on the opposite sex and not same sex relationships. Pairing of the males and the females is part of human nature and the natural order that should be promotes in a culturally sensitive society (Khan 11). The Quran supports the relationship between a wife and husband as a relationship that supports love, tenderness and support and I strongly believe that such qualities can hardly be found on same sex relat ionships. There is punishment for acts of gayism according to Islam but there is no legal judgment for those who feel the homosexual impulse but are reluctant to act on them. Acting on homosexual feeling is a bad idea that is condemned and subject to legal punishment that varies from jail term to death penalty. The use of sexist, racist, and homophobic language is prohibited according to my traditions, culture, and religion. We strongly believe

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Formation of Modern Israel Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Formation of Modern Israel - Essay Example The evident political institution about Israel started in 1917, which entailed searching appropriate home meant for Jews. After WWI, Israel’s political base started to take form slowly. This was after Great Britain obtained power from the League of Nations to rule Palestine (Shindler 11). This recognized British decree in the deployed region coupled with instituting of the national residence for Jews. Britain was not to rule the whole of Palestine, but instead the command they had assumed enabled them to split the area in two. They ruled one section that belonged to Jews and let off the other, hence starting the art of ascertaining the current Jewish state. United Nations devised a plan meant for the division of Palestine state into three states, which triggered fierce disagreements among the states’ populace (Shindler 54). Division occurred in 1947, which saw the Palestine being into three regions. These encompassed Jewish country, an Arab country and Jerusalem that was under UN administration. The partition according to the Jews was an excellent idea, but the action vehemently encountered rejection from an Arab’s nations. This triggered civil war, which is evident to date where populations from both sides have died due to guerrilla invasions. In May 1948, Israel confirmed its autonomy, which made them be the envy of other bordering states, which staged fierce invasions meant for utter obliteration. These countries encompassed Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt plus Iraq, where the war took one year prior a ceasefire staged (Shindler 124). Ceasefire amid Israel and its neighbors meant drawing of the green line that defined demarcations coupled with where each one’s authority assumed control. Jordan assumed power over West; Jerusalem took the East while Egypt took the current Gaza strip (Shindler 307). The then demarcations did not resolve all the wrangles, which the states held against the other, since to date they are still evident.

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Evaluating Public Interventions that Impact Market Prices

Evaluating Public Interventions that Impact Market Prices What measurement tools can we use to evaluate public interventions that affect market prices? How might these be used to explain the concept of transfer efficiency? (9 Marks) (a) To justify public intervention it is necessary to identify the market failure that the intervention is expected to correct. Public goods; externalities; competition failures; asymmetric information; and missing markets can all be contributing reasons why the private economy is unable to achieve efficiency. A problem that exists is that regardless that market failures are known they are rarely measured. Despite this the impact of public expenditure depends on the precise extent of the gap between social and private benefit. Public spending is necessary during market failure but not always a sufficient means. The application of a tax, for example, may be much more suited than public spending to correct a negative externality, offsetting the social and private cost difference. Another example is the enforcement of anti-trust regulation, which while breaking down monopolies and correcting competition does not alternatively limit the commodity at issue. However, different tools can be used to measure the affect that public intervention has on market prices. The measured price gap between domestic and world prices is a crucial input into discovering what may happen under different assumptions about policy reform. Estimated per tons and tariffs have an equivalent on producer price as measuring the gap between domestic and world price. In measuring the entire global state of affairs on world agriculture, calculating world prices without the addition of policies may be most appropriate. But the purpose of evaluating agricultural policies is to compare interventions made by governments while pursuing their political objectives. The world price does hold the most importance as it ultimately determines the effort the government makes to ensure a certain level of domestic price is maintained. In terms of agricultural policy reform, the different assumptions about the changing policy reform and trade barriers show changes in both domestic an d world prices, narrowing the price gap. However the ability to change world price lies in the dependence of other countries following the same reform. On a smaller level the measurement of farm support consists of adding two elements; the difference between domestic and world price for commodities multiplied by the amount produced and budgetary transfers. Tariffs, quotas and other restrictions on imports, also subsidies on exports together with government in intervention to boost domestic prices, can create gaps between domestic and world price. To find the producer support estimate (PSE), multiply the gap in prices by the amount of domestic production. The consumer support estimate (CSE), is negative because it is the consumer food subsidies amount minus the implicit tax on consumers from market price support. Therefore, the total support estimate (TSE) is found by adding the PSE, the taxpayer cost of consumption subsidies and the provision of general services, and subtracting import tariff receipts. The measurement tools can used to explain the concept of transfer efficiency. â€Å"Transfers are payments from one agent in the economy to another agent for which there is no corresponding flow of goods and services.†(1a.) Thus the aforementioned measures can determine how appropriately used these transfers are in relation to improving the market economy. To evaluate agricultural policy the objective of the analysis of transfer efficiency â€Å"is to relate the combined taxpayer and consumer costs to the additional income which farmers receive.†(1b.) To put transfer efficiency in to terms, it is the net income gain to farmers that comes from one unit gross transfer cost to consumers and taxpayers. Therefore, transfer efficiency ranges from zero to one. While there is no measurement tool that is greatly superior to compare the transfer efficiency of market price support, these measurements help emphasize the trade-offs. Broadly defined, transfer efficiency focuses on delivering assistance to targeted recipients in the most efficient manner possible. Thus, any estimation of the gains from policy reform needs to take into account the relation between economic intervention and the political response that intervention produces. Policy reform is greatly linked to transfer efficiency and support estimates are grand determinants in studying the success or failure of interventions. (b) Compare and contrast the welfare effects of three of the following interventions designed to raise farm incomes: (i) Import tariff (ii) Deficiency payment (iii) Fertiliser subsidy and (iv) Production quota. What assumptions underlie your analysis? (b) The welfare effects of the following interventions designed to raise farm incomes: (i) Import tariff: Tariffs can have an effect on many different parties including the importing country and the exporting country and the consumers, producers, and Government from both the importing and exporting countries. The importing country consumers of the product suffer due to the increase in the domestic price of both imported goods and the domestic substitutes. This reduces the amount of consumer surplus in the market. Producers in the importing country have a positive gain as the price increase on the domestic market increases producer surplus in the industry and increases output, raises employment and increases profit. Tariff revenue is given to the Government and its benefit is detrimental on how the Government spends it, such as using it to support many government-spending programs, which most likely benefit the public. The impact on the country is determined by totaling the gains and losses to consumers, producers and the government. The overall effect is a positive tra de effect, a negative production distortion and a negative consumption distortion. Since there are both positive and negative elements for the importing country the national welfare effect can be positive or negative. Exporting consumers of the product become better off as the import tariff decreases domestic price and raises the amount of consumer surplus in the market. Exporting producers suffer as the price in their own market decreases along with the producer surplus in the industry. Given that the importing country imposes the tariff there is no effect on the exporting Government revenue. The overall welfare effect for the country is determined by adding the gains and losses to consumers and producers. This effect consists of a negative trade effect, a negative consumption distortion and a negative production distortion, which produces a reduction in national welfare for the exporting country, as all the effects are negative. Adding the national welfare effects in both the importing and exporting countries creates the effect of the import tariff on the world welfare. The overall effect is negative as both the importers and exporter’s consumption and production distortion are each negative. Therefore, an import tariff results in a reduction in world production and consumption efficiency, as the total of the overall losses in the world outnumber the overall gains. (ii) Fertilizer Subsidy: A subsidy for fertilizer is sometimes paid to offset the disincentive effects of low producer prices. Market price support has an effect on the price-ratio between a product and a production input like fertilizer. The expansion in fertilizer subsidy has created greater use due to a distortion of the real price of fertilizer in turn to lower effective pricing. This has resulted in external costs such as a difficulty in monitoring and controlling agricultural pollution. Fertilizer subsidies can be justified, especially in developing countries, in order to maintain soil fertility and to conflict against soil erosion and deforestation. In the 1980’s fertilizer subsidies for countries were estimated at an astounding $2.8 billion, since then this number has rapidly decreased. A need to reduce fertilizer use can be attributed to a generation of health effects. In the world market effects of subsidizing agricultural inputs such as fertilizer raise market barriers and hinders competition, which enables inefficient structures to be protected and maintained. Other negative factors include an indication that rich farmers adversely gain from agricultural subsidies. The welfare effects of an imposed fertilizer subsidy entail a benefit for consumers due to a lower price. Producers’ welfare is not necessarily determinable, as although their price has reduced so have farmers’ costs of production. To establish the effect this subsidy has had, one must be able to find the elasticity of the demand curve. If demand is inelastic, producers will experience a net loss. (1c.) The effect the fertilizer subsidy has had on the total welfare is accounted to the tax placed on the taxpayer. This is found by locating the reduction in the cost of the agricultural product to farmers compared to the new production of wheat produced. (iii.) Production Quota: Production quotas limit the level to which an industry and the individual producer can adjust to changing technical and market conditions. Farm prices are being heavily affected through the rapid growth in supply in contrast to demand, which lowers farm prices and therefore reduces farm incomes. This is a major reason why farmers may seek a production quota to control the rising supply production. When a quota is enforced, if the price falls the supply to the right of the quota becomes inelastic as the producer is not allowed to increase supply. The welfare effects of a production quota are negative on consumer surplus. However, for producers to benefit after a quota the demand curve must be inelastic towards the original price. Also, we must understand that the extent to which structural change is withheld varies based upon the ease of transfer of quota rights. A trade in quota rights between producers may be constrained or there may be blemishes in the quota market. Producers may also try to lease or sell their production quota rights, creating a capital value. However the problems that arise in the future income to farmers may be reduced due to an inability to reform these production quotas. (1d.) The way that quotas are put into effect is to proportionately cutback both the most and least efficient producers but this would also increase the economic costs. To minimize economic costs trade must be encouraged within quotas. This will allow the suppliers whom prevail as the most efficient to purchase quota rights producers that lack efficiency as it will be better served if used by the more efficient of the producers. Under a free market approach, these inefficient producers will be forced from the market, creating an overall more efficient economy and then the production quota will be removed. However, due many restrictions the market is rarely a free and open environment and the welfare effect of a production is generally a negative outcome as a deadweight loss has been created. The assumptions that underlie this analysis are that all of these interventions are created under fair markets. That these markets can all compete together and there is no discrimination between countries. That these interventions reflect a change within each country that is comparable to its contrasting effect within the world economy. That these interventions can be subjectively held accountable upon each individual, for example, that the production quota can be accurately held accountable upon each farmer. Also, fair trade is allowed where there is no bias among trading parties. The major assumption is that when an intervention is put into place the effect will be equally felt by each producer and likewise by each consumer. Also, that the economical practices under which the markets are operated are nominally similar throughout each country. References: Lecture 15. Measuring Costs and Transfer Efficiency of Agricultural Price Policy. ALSTON, J.M. and B.H. HURD (1990), â€Å"Some Neglected Social Costs of Government Spending in Farm Programs,† American Journal of Agricultural Economics

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Re likes to keep his players fit Essay

My main sources of data are the Internet and books. The website I am mainly using is http://www. ais. org. au/nutrition/FuelLeague. htm I have chosen this website because it give me a lot of information of diet and nutrition for rugby players, which is what my project is on. I have also been given a lot of my information from Mr Fitzpatrick about what he would like in the presentation as he is my user and I am doing the presentation for him. Also so I have used diets from official rugby players websites to add to my presentation. Validation explained. I think the data is valid because it is an official website and is updated regularly. The nutrition plans on it are also used by professional players as it states on the website. Some of the best rugby players in the world also use the nutrition plans, such as Keith wood and others. Also the information I collect from Mr Fitzpatrick is valid because he is my user and knows what he wants in the PowerPoint presentation. Also to stop my user from getting on slides that he doesn’t want to be on I have switched off slide transition. Data manipulation explained. During the presentation I intend to show rugby players how they can improve their fitness and diet on a screen. I intend to flick between slides with the click of a mouse but if I were going to let my end user perform the slide show I would have hyperlink slides. So it is easier to navigate around the slides. This would also make the slide show easier to work out for the presenter of the show. Alternative forms of output considered I have discussed that I could also put the presentation to a file or a disk to give to the rugby players and they watch it by themselves on their home computer. Also I could have printed it out into handout form and handed one each to all of the players. The presentation could be put on the school-shared network and all the players have to look it up by themselves in their own time and read it. Appropriate choices made and justified I have chosen the correct application package because it will be better for the presentation and it will be easier than you using any other applications. That is was I think anyway. I also think it is the right package because it will also be easy for the teachers to work. The project could not be printed out in hand out form because the paper may be lost of something may be spilled on them therefore making it impossible for the receiver to use it. If it is put on the shared network the players would have to go look it up in their spare time and most players would not use their spare time to look at it. If it is put on a disk for the players too look at it at home some of the players may not have a home computer therefore making it impossible for them too look st the presentation. Appropriate back up explained I am going to keep the extra copies of my project on my school server. And if I save onto the school server that straightaway backs it up so I can’t loose it. The user could make several copies of the presentation some on floppy disk and some on disk and they could be kept in a safe place so if one copy is lost they have always got a spare one to refer to. Appropriate security explained For security I could password protect my work so I and the teacher who I am doing the project for can only access it. It is also saved on a secure network so none of my colleagues can access the project. Also the network is backed up every night and that means that there will always be to copies of my project. Initial designs adequate and justified I handed my user all slides in a handout format and asked him to evaluate them all and write down any changes he wanted. He made several changes to my slides and I acted upon all these and corrected them all, as he wanted them. User interview recorded and acted on I asked many questions in my interview with my user and acted upon all his answers in the correct manner. The interview was done on a piece of paper with questions on and I had my user fit in the blank spaces with his answers. The interview is added on a piece of paper. Evidence of user feedback on designs On sheets attached Final design described in detail All the way through the presentation I used the font verdana and all the way through I have also used the same colour background so some of them don’t look odd compared to the rest of them. But there is one exception to that which is the opening slide where it is a picture of Hymers playing in a game of rugby. Also on every slide there is a hyperlink to another page and there is also a picture on ever slide during the presentation. Top down system diagram On paper attached Full and effective test plan devised On paper attached Validation checks tested To stop my user from going on slides that he doesn’t want to be on by clicking in the wrong place on the slide I have switched off slide transition, this stops the user from clicking on the background and it taking him to a slide where he doesn’t want to be. Annotated hardcopy of implementation On paper attached Annotated hardcopy of test plan. On paper attached Have all errors been corrected After carrying out my test plan fully and effectively I have found that I have no errors that need to be corrected but if any do occur later on I will write then on at the end. Original objectives fully evaluated 1. He asked for movies such as fitness techniques such as star jumps and press-ups, which I added several of. 2. Every 8-10 slides will have pictures on but I put a picture on every slide. 3. He also asked me to research and suggest fitness plans and healthy eating plans so I added 3 healthy eating plans. 4. I also added colourful designs, which my user added I did this by using a blue and white background on every slide. 5. I also used a picture of the Hymers first team playing rugby on the opening page. Written evidence of user acceptance On paper attached Comments critical and relevant Further enhancements for the future I could add more slides to the presentation and maybe change the colour of some slides as the same colour on every slide may look a bit boring. I could also use some different pictures as some of them are a bit blared on some of the slides.

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Information From The Elementary Education Program Essay

Data on program graduates is collected from two post-graduation surveys. The surveys seek preparation and performance information from the program graduates, on a self-reflection survey, and from their administrator at the current school of employment (e.g., the Employer Education Follow-up Survey and Employee Education Follow-up Survey) (Exhibits 1.3c/1.4c and 2.3d). Both surveys are aligned to the units Conceptual Framework and contain 15 indicators for response plus an open section for recommendations for departmental program improvement. Although Elementary Education Program data results showed data results specific to its program, all of the Secondary Programs’ data is all-inclusive for both the Employer Education Follow-up Survey and Employee Education Follow-up Survey for 2011-2014. Data results for 2011-2012 show that employees mean scores pertaining to graduates in the Elementary Education Program range from 3.33-4.67 on a 5 point scale with the lowest indicator related to being able to implement a variety of classroom management strategies and the highest indicator related to being able to infuse faith character education into learning experiences and being a caring professionals committed to preparing lifelong learners. The Secondary Education Programs range from 2.0-4.5 on a 5 point scale with the lowest indicator related to being able to implement a variety of classroom management strategies and the highest indicator related to being able to use multipleShow MoreRelatedElementary Education Essay1280 Words   |  6 PagesElementary Education: Shaping the Minds of the Future Kayla Lovell Composition II Ms. Reed 22 January 2012 Outline Thesis: Elementary teachers may not have highest income, but they have one of the most fulfilling careers. Introduction: When thinking back to elementary school, what most people remember the best, are the teachers they had along the way. Elementary teachers not only introduce their students to the basic concepts of core subjects, they also help pave the path to each student’sRead MoreThe Effect Of Participation On Childhood Obesity1246 Words   |  5 PagesAmber Reed Kines 119 Research Paper The Influence of Participation in Physical Education Classes on Childhood Obesity It is clear that childhood obesity is a rising epidemic in the United States, and one without a cure. The focus on this topic needs to be shifted to preventative measures in order to halt the increasing numbers. There are significant health consequences that come along with being overweight or obese, most of which do not show up until later in life, such as cardiovascular diseaseRead MoreA Career That I Am Interested1284 Words   |  6 Pagesteachers do. Teaching also takes a certain amount of education, skill, and training. It is more likely to be a successful teacher if you have a set of specific personality traits. There are three different types of levels teachers can teach. The first one is elementary school. The second one is middle school. Lastly, they can teach high school high school. To be a teacher you have to have a bachelor s degree, which is four years (â€Å"Elementary...†). Teachers work in classrooms in order to teach theirRead MoreA Career in Elementary Education Essay1211 Words   |  5 PagesSo you want to be an elementary school teacher? It’s a challenging career, requiring patience and social skills, as you have to be able to wrangle a room filled with rambunctious children. Once you get through the tough stuff, the career is filled with immeasurable rewards. Being an elementary school teacher is not just going into a classroom and teaching kids how to add numbers, where something is on a map, or how to write. This career is far deeper than that, you will build a relationship withRead MoreSan Bernardino City Unified School District858 Words   |  4 PagesPROG RAM DESCRIPTION Introduction San Bernardino City Unified School District houses one of the largest populations for students with moderate to severe disabilities within the Inland Empire. Over the past decade San Bernardino City Unified School District (SBCUSD) has sustained an influx of students who qualify for a moderate to severe special day classroom (SDC) setting and special education services. Effectively educating youth with moderate to severe disabilities is not a simplex task, asRead MoreElementary School Is Vital For The Start Of A 6-1 Year Olds Educational Life1490 Words   |  6 PagesCathrine Jarek Mr. Behan Honors Lit. Per 2 5/8/15 Elementary Schools in America Elementary school is vital to the start of a 3-6 year-olds educational life. This is the pedestal to the remainder of their educational career as well as their ultimate success as an adult in the future. Wouldn t you want your child to have an efficient first five years of their education? Education in America overall is becoming more faulty then it is unflawed. According to CNY Central, U.S. students stand 36th inRead MoreThe Importance Of Education Programs On Substance Abuse Prevention Education984 Words   |  4 PagesA.R.E program focuses on substance abuse prevention education. The program curriculum aims to give school aged kids the skills needed to avoid drugs and various forms of violence. D.A.R.E was founded in Los Angeles thirty-four years ago as of two thousand and twenty seventeen (D.A.R.E,2017). Also, due to its high success it is now being implemented in seventy five percent of United States schools but the biggest testament to their success is their international re ach. What makes this program uniqueRead MoreCurriculum Strengths and Weaknesses1333 Words   |  6 PagesThe curriculum that I have chosen is the K-12 Physical Education curriculum of a school in the United States. The strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum were assessed and are explained below. Besides this, recommendations are also provided for improving the physical education curriculum of the school. Strengths and weaknesses of the school physical education program The school-community environment was examined and the quality of the environment was considered to be moderately strong. TheRead MoreAction Research Methodology1034 Words   |  5 PagesAmerican College of Education October 15th, 2017 Methodology District 47 has the mission of educational excellence for all students. Quality education requires community participation and shares responsibility, as well as it â€Å"demands a commitment to the physical, emotional, social, and academic needs of learners.† (Crystal Lake Elementary District 47 , 2002-2017) However, English Language Learners have been underrepresented in Gifted and Talented Programs at District 47. CurrentlyRead MoreGraduation Speech : Elementary School1127 Words   |  5 Pagespoint I had a flood of memories of when I was student in elementary school and remembered how much I enjoyed going to school, learning basic knowledge like my ABC’s, and more importantly how my teacher brought me happiness and the desire to learn new things in a fun, exciting and safe environment. When I came back this semester to Daytona State College I was informed of a new program they offered, a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSED) and knew it was meant to be. After speaking with

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Human History s Greatest Plague Known As The Black Death

This paper will argue on one of human history’s greatest plague known as the Black Death. By the 1340s, nearly all of Europe was gripped by a seemingly endless cycle of disease and famine. The fourteenth century dawned with a chill and the Baltic Sea froze over during 1306-1307. The cold weather was an unwelcomed guest arriving earlier in the autumn and staying till the late summer. This freezing cold foretold worse disasters. Rain followed up on it and never stopped, causing villages to flood along the Caspian Sea shores, the fields were sodded making crops rot. Moreover, the late harvest made prices surge which forced King Edward II to impose price controls. Things didn’t get any better from there on. Torrential rains fell again in 1316†¦show more content†¦However, before they withdrew the Prince came up with the plan which turned out to be one of the first and most highly effective forms of Germ warfare. The prince ordered his soldiers to catapult the rotte n plague infested dead bodies of soldiers over Kaffa’s walls. These rotten corpses soon tinted the air and poisoned the water supply and within days the people inside the walls of Kaffa began to die. Few surviving merchants hurried and set sail for their home in Italy and tried to escape this plague. Flea infested rats climbed the ropes of the boat and hid in the holes of the ships that were heading to Rome. These ships sailed port to port in their long journey back to Italy but no one would let them dock when they saw that the sailors were dying. The merchants finally reached the port of Messina in Sicily but the sailors were not allowed to enter the city. However, the brief encounter was long enough for the rats to climb off the galleys and set their journey into the city carrying the Black Death into Europe. â€Å"Alas! our ships enter the port, but of a thousand sailors hardly ten are spared. We reach our homes; our kindred and our neighbors come from all parts to visit us. Woe to us for we cast at them the darts of death! Whilst we spoke to them, whilst they embraced us and kissed us, we scattered the poison from our lips. Going back to their homes, they in turn soon infected their whole families, who in three days succumbed, and were buried in oneShow MoreRelatedThe Black Death And Its Effects On Society843 Words   |  4 Pagesdevastating and tragic mortal disease, the Black Death, spread across Europe in the years of 1346-53. The Black Death became one of the deadliest infectious diseases in history. This fatal and rapidly spreading disease horrified people of its time. The disastrous natural catastrophe was only compounded with other setbacks in fourteenth century Europe. Those set backs include, warfare, religious turmoil and peasant unrest. Also known as the bubonic plague, it struck Europe in 1347 and killed closeRead MorePlagues in England: Death Is in the Air Essay688 Words   |  3 Pagesmankinds greatest defect.† Sickness affec ts everyone, no matter where one is from or how one lives. Even in today’s world with modern medicine, sickness runs rampant. If one were to think back to when the only cures society had were rituals, a prime example of sickness in a society is England. Recalling the plagues in England, one can easily see the two prominent plagues that struck, along with how they affected English economy and culture. In the 1300’s, England was struck with a plague calledRead MoreThe Black Death Essay1196 Words   |  5 Pagescircle and then falling down. The nursery rhyme refers to the Black Death, one of the worst plagues of all time (Schladweller). Known as infectious diseases that spread quickly and kill countless people, plagues have had a tremendous affect on people around the world since the beginning of time. The Black Death, also known as the bubonic plague, is a contagious bacterial infection that has killed millions of people. With the bubonic plague brutally killing one fourth of Europe in the 14th century andRead MoreBlack Death1732 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿THE BLACK DEATH Matthew Brown P.1 April 17, y Around 1339 in northwestern Europe, the population was beginning to outgrow the food supply and a severe economic crisis began to take place. The winters were extremely cold and the summers were dry. Due to this extreme weather, very low crops yielded and those that grew were dying. Inflation became a common occurrence and as famine broke out, people began to worry. The time period of approximately 1339 to 1346 is now known as the famine before theRead MoreThe Black Death Of Europe1231 Words   |  5 Pagesresearch found regarding the history of the Black Death in Europe. It incorporates the beginning of the plague, the way that it spread, and the toll it took on Europe’s population. It answers questions concerning the context of my topic, the importance of subject at hand, as well as the affects it had on the society during and after this tragedy. Concluding this paper answers the final question of why people should know about this subject in the first place. The Black Death was single handedly one ofRead MoreThe Plague Of The Black Death1484 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout human history there have been a few events that have caused devastation and irreversibly changed the course of history. These events were triggered not by humans, but by plagues. Plagues, defined as an epidemic with an amazingly high mortality rate according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, have been recorded throughout history, from the Plague of Justinian in Rome, to the Modern Plague of China (CDC). To the common man, all s/he sees is, the plague arrives, kills tens of millionsRead MoreThe Black Death And Its Impact On Society1291 Words   |  6 PagesThroughout history many natural events have had a profound effect on mankind, but few of these events have shaped history and culture as profoundly as the Black Death. The Black Death was the name given to the deadly disease that hugely disrupted Europe between 1347 and 1351. The disaster influenced and altered all aspects of European life. This major catastrophe had many later effects, however due to 50 million deaths, people s economic status shifted and these changes left a lasting impact uponRead MoreThe Black Death : Research Due Friday 161707 Words   |  7 PagesThe Black Death Research due Friday 16 Oct Focus Questions Origin †¢ Where did the black death originate o Where was the first known case of the black death †¢ Were there any other milder cases of the black death before the pandemic †¢ What were the other theories as to the origins of the black death Symptoms †¢ What were the symptoms of the black death o What effect did this have on people in medieval times ï‚ § What mental impact did this have on the people seeing the infected †¢ Why were there three formsRead MoreBlack Plague And The Black Epidemic1337 Words   |  6 PagesBlack Plague The Black Plague outbreak was one of the scariest events in human history. The people were afraid to do everyday activities and carry on with their normal routines. This plague is known to almost every person on Earth. Even as a kid, teachers tell their students about this plague. Even the thought of an outbreak like the Black Plague makes people’s skin crawl. I am included in that category. It has gotten to the point that when any outbreak of any type or kind of disease happensRead MoreThe Late Middle Ages Essay1713 Words   |  7 Pagesfamine and battle. Monarchs with insatiable territorial appetites and religious fanaticism contributed greatly to create instability and war among the people. However, one of the greatest villain during this period was an undetectable foe, named Yersinia Pestis. This bacterium was responsible for the horrific Black Death, which ravaged Europe, Asia, and Africa in the 14th century, killing over 50 million people. In urban centers like Paris and Hamburg, 50% to 60% of the residents perished. All this

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A Brief Note On Depression And The Depression - 2842 Words

Robyn Lawhorn July 11, 2015 Psychology 100 Mrs. Fischer Hours Worked: 22 Major depression, also known as unipolar depression, is one of the most common mental illnesses. Over nine million adults each year suffer from depression. Many people don’t understand what depression really is, including myself until I did a lot of research over this subject. Major depression is more than a temporary state of being sad. It is a persistent state that can significantly impair an individual’s thoughts, behavior, daily activities, and physical health. According to The Stanford School of Medicine, they said that â€Å"major depressive disorder impacts all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups and can occur at any age.† (Depression Research Clinic) Depression is a common, but serious illness that can occur in people of all ages; teenagers, adults, and older adults. Depression is a condition that reportedly affects one in every ten Americans at some point in their lives. The incidence of depression is actually higher in some states than others. Certain ethnicities also report higher depression rates than others. According to Healthline, â€Å"the number of patients diagnosed with depression increases by approximately 20% each year.† (Healthline) In the United States, Oklahoma, Arizona, Tennessee, West Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have the highest reported rates of depression. These states also show high rates of other negative health outcomes such as obesity, heart disease,Show MoreRelatedA Brief Note On The Postpartum Depression ( Ppd )1479 Words   |  6 PagesSummary of Study Sword, Busser, Ganann, McMillan, Swinton (2008) questioned women’s experiences in regards to seeking care for probable postpartum depression (PPD) following a referral from the visiting public health nurse. Questions the researchers sought to answer included the woman’s response for a referral, factors that hindered or facilitated seeking care, the experience of seeking care, and responses to the interventions. The study uses a qualitative descriptive design the â€Å"method of choiceRead MoreA Brief Note On Depression And Its Effects On American Society1331 Words   |  6 PagesAccording to about 15 million Americans suffer from depression. The ability to think positively is essential in the average american’s life. Although life has its many ups and downs it is important to stay positive through them all. â€Å"As a man thinketh so is he† (Proverbs 23:7). Additionally, this quote from the bible also portrays the idea that if positive th inking can help lead you to success and a life full of happiness. Therefore, if you think positive about the so called negativeRead MoreA Brief Note On Depression And Its Effects On Our Lives950 Words   |  4 PagesHow To Prevent Depression Also known as the â€Å"common cold† of mental disorders, depression affects nearly 121 million people worldwide and almost 80% of them don’t even receive specific treatment. Some researchers even believe that in approximately 20 years, depression will be more widespread than dental caries. Apart from the devastating psychological effects, depression also increases the risk of: heart disease, stroke, obesity and sleep disorders. Among your friends and family members, thereRead MoreMerck Company: Evaluating a Drug Licensing Opportunity Essays1034 Words   |  5 Pageswith Depression only was $36,390,000, for weight only $1,200,000 and for both $26,880,000. The expected value of failure (including failure at any phase) was ($59,490,000). Next, I calculated the Valuations of each successful outcome using the decision tree analysis and the spectrum of outcomes with an asymetric distribution of rewards. Using the probability of 14.55%, which is the combined probability for any sucess, I recalculated the valuations of each success (Depression only, Depression onlyRead MoreCase Study Of Major Deppression1205 Words   |  5 PagesSTUDY OF MAJOR DEPPRESSION By Daniel Khajavi Note: All names and location in this case study have been changed to maintain patient and clinician confidentiality. Table of contents INTRODUCTION The purpose of this case study is to analyse a mental health case attended by paramedics. This paper will include a brief overview of the case attended, key features of the case, relevant history, a provisional diagnosisRead MoreFactors That Affect The Treatment Of Tina Depression1161 Words   |  5 Pagestreatment of Tina depression. Discuss her symptoms of depression, intake interview, and why the counselor’s own perception of psychopathology is extremely important in the diagnostic process (GCU, 2015). Make sure her family member knows about medications, treatments, referrals, and any other special instructions (Wolters, 1999). MISCONCEPTIONS OF PSYCHOPATHOLOGY We had a subject named Tina a 17-year-old Navajo female that is brought into a therapist’s office for signs of depression; her familyRead MoreThe At The Training And Completed A University Approved Informed Consent1237 Words   |  5 Pagescohort and (b) improving the lives of older adults, as primary reasons for choosing a gero-social work specialty. Table 2 reports on differences in ratings of interpersonal skills by students and faculty, who observed interviews of the outpatient depression case sessions on a bank of television screens at the simulation center. There were significant differences between groups with faculty rating student skills higher on all the interpersonal skill items. The largest observational differences includedRead MoreChildhood Depression : A Serious Disorder Among Adolescents1743 Words   |  7 PagesDepression has become a serious disorder among adolescents, affecting 11% of American teens (Avenevoli, Swendsen, He, Burstein, Merikangas, 2015). Adolescent depression is associated with impairments in various important psychosocial areas, such as school, peer, and family functioning (Jaycox et al., 2009). As adolescence is an important time for development and a very vulnerable time, it is important to treat anything that may cause impairments as quickly and as effectively as possible. It isRead MoreKey nes Vs Hayek Essay804 Words   |  4 PagesKeynes Versus Hayek The relationship between economists John M. Keynes and Friedrich A. Hayek is quite complex. Both had influential roles in economic studies, emerging after World War II and during the Great Depression era (BBC). It’s important to note that both of these economists had opposing views when it came to economic theories and policies. Briefly summed up, Keynes theories were in support for government involvement in the economy (EconedLink). In contrast, Hayek argued that the governmentRead MoreAdolescent Depression : A Qualitative Study1103 Words   |  5 Pagespersistent link for the article that was read this week: Looking back at adolescent depression: A qualitative study. The persistent link is The Doi was not provided in the article. As some of us may know, depression is reflected as a mental health condition that can lead individuals to attempt/commit suicide against their life. In addition, depression is a disorder that causes individual to feel despondent, and with no goals